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No need for an actual guitar with RealGuitar 5, a guitar emulator for professional use

MusicLab, Inc. |
updated on May 15, 2023
1.3gb | trialware


Sounds are high-quality and realistic
Emulate different guitar playing techniques for either classic or steel-string guitars
Virtually anything can be tweaked to add to the realism
Switch between Solo, Multi, and Song modes for melodic sounds, chords, or creating songs from scratch
A very useful user interface, especially the virtual fretboard and the virtual keyboard
Provides everything a music producer might need for the guitar part in a song


Takes some time to become efficient and create complex content
Price: $
In the golden age of technology, everything is emulated and music is not an exception. Playing and recording guitar sounds might be changed forever with RealGuitar 5!

RealGuitar is a program used to emulate an actual guitar and it offers its users the chance to tweak everything from the actual playing technique to tiny details you probably didn't even think of until you saw them in the program! It provides a professional approach to guitar sound modeling and creates high-quality sound samples that are ready to be inserted into actual songs.

Starting from Version 5, RealGuitar comes divided into two apps: Classic and Steel String. The first thing that captivated us is an extremely useful and well-designed user interface. There are several ways to create your song: a virtual keyboard, a virtual fretboard, by using a MIDI input, or by dragging-and-dropping chords and samples. There are also plenty of samples available from many different genres. You can switch between Solo and Multi guitar modes, used to emulate different styles of guitar playback. The Solo mode is useful for melodic parts whereas the Multi-mode is more universal and allows for the easy use of chords.

The Song mode is where you can really see how useful RealGuitar can be for creating songs from scratch. You can easily add chords and patterns you create yourself or find in the pattern library. The virtual fretboard available in RealGuitar is probably one of its most important elements. The Floating Fret Position technology imitates how a guitarist might change the fret's position while playing. Everything can be tweaked to make playing the virtual guitar as realistic as possible. There is an entire Humanize section designed to provide for that.

It's difficult to list all features RealGuitar 5 has to offer and you'll have to see it for yourself. Basically, you can do anything you can do with an actual guitar, but with the option of making adjustments on-the-go and tuning the output sound to perfection. It comes at a price of $199 and there's a two-week free trial if you want to check it out. The price may sound quite hefty for casual users but, if you are serious about music creation, editing, and producing and if you need to emulate an actual guitar, look no further than RealGuitar 5!
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